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Get your spooky on with this movie list which are all available on Netflix for you to watch! I will also be adding a none netflix STREAMING link for those who live in Narnia like I do :D

1.Nosferatu. (link) Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter’s wife. Silent classic based on the story “Dracula.”

2. Night of The Living Dead (link)  A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

3. Escape From Tomorrow (link) For the Disney lovers! In a world of fake castles and anthropomorphic rodents, an epic battle begins when an unemployed father’s sanity is challenged by a chance encounter with two underage girls on holiday…

4. Children Of The Corn (link) A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed.

5.The Blair Witch Project (link)  Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind.

6. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (link)  A tv series. Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock presents several short stories. The stories are invariably surprising, often containing elements of horror, comedy, suspense, and the supernatural.

7.Scream (link) A masked killer begins murdering teenagers in a small town, and as the body count rises, one girl and her friends contemplate the “rules” of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one.

9.Cabin in the Woods (link) Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

10. The Human Centipede (link)  A mad scientist kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others’ rectums.

11. V/H/S 2 (link) Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student’s disappearance.

12. Leprechaun (link) An evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold.

13. Goosebumps (link) Series. For those adults who wants a blast from the past or something to watch with your children this October. 

14. The Lady Vanishes (link) While traveling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train

15.Hellraiser (link) An unfaithful wife encounters the zombie of her dead lover; demons are pursuing him after he escaped their sadomasochistic underworld.

Best of luck, Creepers!


【30/9】Mogeko Facts (CHARACTERS)


Still halfway translating the 25 page long document. Some of the questions were answered with 「――」, not sure if they don’t want to answer or can’t answer for whatever reason.

All questions that pertained to characters are under this cut.

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Mikagura School Suite - Summary


I have nothing better to do and well.. I write this one instead.

Um, I want to help as much as possible since this series lack of material and information yet so much people start to take an interest, so… (scratch head nervously)

Everything is under read more since it’s quite a long post and spoiler-ish, considering it’s nature. My English isn’t good either but I hope it’s pretty understandable //weeps
At first I want to summarize three novels but this one is quite long so maybe I might summarize the third one later, along with the fourth if anyone interested….

First, it’s recommended to go to Mikagura Scans first since it covers most of the basic things of the series since I only explain(?) what actually happened in novel/manga(s) briefly
Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though! I won’t mind at all :D

TL;DR : Mikagura School Suite first manga & second novel summaries. Long post. Spoiler-ish. Broken English.

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A demonstration of moiré patterns produced by overlaying and rotating two identical repeating patterns. As the two patterns overlap and rotate they interfere with each other to produce tertiary patterns.

From Sir Roger Penrose’s talk, Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics and architecture.


Another great short film, only 3 minutes long that takes a dark turn. You might even sympathize with the man in the woods. 



Another great short film, only 3 minutes long that takes a dark turn. You might even sympathize with the man in the woods. 




Ten of my favourite free downloadable games; mostly of RPGMaker. Not in any order. They all have interesting plots, certain uniqueness and in most cases I adore the art, sound and music. It’s mostly about plot though. 

Crooked Man is the only one on the list above I didn’t get all the ends for; I couldn’t. COULDN’T do it.

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